Sharon Bush

After returning to Lexington to raise her children, Sharon Bush lucked into MWS, when she stopped by Hastings Elementary School to enroll her older daughter. The laughter and joy she saw coming from the MWS playground made her walk through the school door and ask about the program that very day. When she visited the school with her daughter, she learned that MWS offered a Teacher Assistant Program. A former Elementary Ed/Special Ed teacher, she asked if she could join the team. Since that day, Sharon has been a part of MWS, as both a teacher assistant and lead teacher. She cannot imagine a day that does not include teaching children or thinking about her students. Sharon finds that their curiosity, energy, and endless stories trigger her imagination and bring her happiness. One of the greatest things about teaching, to Sharon, is that every day brings something new to explore and a new point of view offered by the students. The most satisfying moments come when she can help her children accomplish something they saw as a challenge. This shared enthusiasm drew Sharon to teaching at MWS over 12 years ago and keeps her coming back year after year.