Pat McClure

Pat was a philosophy major in college because she was interested in how & what people think, but she always knew it wouldn’t prepare her for any kind of real job. Her mother, a longtime teacher, convinced her that teaching young children would provide another–equally satisfying–window into “how people think.”  Because you should always listen to your mother, Pat took her mother’s advice and got a master’s degree in special education at BU. After grad school, she taught multiply handicapped children at Fernald State School for one year and then taught a class of severely multiply-handicapped children for 3 years in Newton Public Schools. When her youngest child enrolled at MWS in 1986, she became a teacher assistant in a 3-year-old class until 1990, when she became lead teacher of a new class for older 3’s turning 4 in the fall of the year.  Pat still teaches that class and loves her students for their innocence, their trust in teachers, and their openness to new and fun experiences. Since 2000, she has also been the co-director of the school and equally enjoys the opportunity to interact with all MWS students and parents.