Liz Ioffredo

Liz began as a teacher assistant in 2001 (after seeing how much her daughter loved the program) and worked in that position for three years until she became certified as a teacher. Since 2004, she’s worked with all our age groups, from our very youngest children up to our pre-K classes. Currently, she leads a class of three-year-olds who are learning to master the important things in life like sharing, using the toilet, inviting someone to play, using a pair of scissors, etc.  Liz’s college degree was in business management and her work life before MWS was in human resources, but Liz says, “Working with young children is much more fun and rewarding. They always put me in a good mood.” A quick visit to her classroom shows that her good mood spills over to her students, who love to spend their mornings in such a happy and creative classroom.

Outside school, Liz enjoys keeping up with her college son, high school daughter, businessman & barbershop quartet singer husband, meeting up with friends and visiting the gym for classes in spinning and aerobics.