Sharon Bush

After returning to Lexington to raise her children, Sharon Bush lucked into MWS, when she stopped by Hastings Elementary School to enroll her older daughter. The laughter and joy she saw coming from the MWS playground made her walk through the school door and ask about the program that very day. When she visited the school with her daughter, she learned that ... read more

Pat McClure

Pat was a philosophy major in college because she was interested in how & what people think, but she always knew it wouldn't prepare her for any kind of real job. Her mother, a longtime teacher, convinced her that teaching young children would provide another--equally satisfying--window into "how people think."  Because you should always listen to your ... read more

Chrissi Oliver

When she enrolled her daughter in the afternoon transition class at MWS in 1999, Chrissi was working as a financial analyst at Compaq Computer. She arranged her business schedule so she could also work as a teacher assistant for us. After two years as a TA, Chrissi gave up her corporate job in order to become certified to teach her own class.  Beginning in ... read more

Liz Ioffredo

Liz began as a teacher assistant in 2001 (after seeing how much her daughter loved the program) and worked in that position for three years until she became certified as a teacher. Since 2004, she’s worked with all our age groups, from our very youngest children up to our pre-K classes. Currently, she leads a class of three-year-olds who are learning to ... read more

Jan Phelan

Jan’s love of children goes way back to her babysitting days as a teenager. She majored in child psychology and elementary education and then taught 1st grade for four years at various Catholic schools. When she married Bob Phelan, they decided to have a large family and went on to raise five children, four boys and one girl. When her last child graduated ... read more

Beth Levine

Before becoming a full-time mother, Beth had an interesting career as a research economist.  However, when she enrolled her second daughter at MWS in 1988, she became a teaching assistant and the excitement of economics paled in comparison to teaching.  She worked as a teaching assistant under every lead teacher at MWS over several years, observed many ... read more