Annual Spring Auction

–Our Annual Spring Auction is now replaced by a Capital Fund Fee, assessed on every family in the monthly tuition bill. Here’s why.

For many years, MWS raised money for scholarships and large equipment & capital expenses by holding an Annual Spring Auction. It was an evening event that took months to organize, plan, get donations, and drum up participation. Many parents attended to socialize with each other and raise money for the school.  However, our population has changed over the years. We now have many families with two working parents who are very busy during the week, want to spend weekend evenings with their children and not attend traditional fundraising events for adults only.  Lately, many of our families asked if they could simply give a donation to the school to cover their share of these expenses. So we came up with a simple formula of about $100 per family to meet the financial goal that was set by previous Auctions. We now include that in the monthly tuition bill for every family and call it the Capital Fund Fee (CFF).

This is an important fee because it benefits all our students. In the past 5 years, we have had to replace 40 year old classroom chairs ($2,000),  splintered classroom doors ($8,000) and a major fix required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to one of our playground structures to the tune of $10,000.

It’s a very small fee added to each monthly payment but it provides a big benefit to every child in the school.